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Hi guys! In this video, I’m going to show you how you can create a website in just 5-simple steps. After watching this video, You will be able to create websites like these… Okay! So before we begin, first click the link in the description. It will take you to this page. Now, the first step is to choose a domain name for your website. Check the availability of the name you want using this box. Once you’ve got the name, you can move onto the next step, which is to ‘Register the domain name & get Hosting’. To do that, click this button. This will take you to GoDaddy.com where you can get a free domain with hosting.

To start, select the Economy plan. Enter the name which you have already selected And click ‘Go’. Then click add & continue. You can see here that you’re getting your domain for free and also an 85% discount on Hosting. This plan is valid for 1 year After which you can renew the plan, if you want to keep your website online. Now, click proceed to checkout Continue as a new user Fill up your details Choose any 4 digit number as your PIN Then choose your payment method Click continue Click agree & place your order Complete the payment process That’s it! You have got your domain name & hosting.

Now you can go to step 3 which is Setting up your account. To start, click ‘Web Hosting’ and click setup then, enter a username and password Click Finish Now, you’ll see a short video and then you’ll be taken to this page. Okay, your account is now ready. The 4th step is to install wordpress. WordPress makes it very easy to create a website without knowing any programing or coding.

To install WordPress, Scroll down the page and click WordPress. then Click install this application. Now, scroll down to the administrator username. and enter a username and password for wordpress. Enter your email and then your website’s title Select this option to make logging into wordpress easier Then click install WordPress will now be installed on the server After it finishes. Click on this link, to access your website This is the WordPress Dashboard From here you can control your website To access this page anytime again, go to this address.

Just remove this box by clicking here Now, lets see how the website looks Click here to visit your website. This is how the default WordPress website looks like Now, you can start adding content to the site by clicking NEW and POST I’m just going to add a sample post for my website. Also add an image Then Hit publish And lets just see how it looks So, Here’s the post we just added Now you know how to add content to your website. So, lets move on to the last step, which is customizing your website. You can change the look of your website by using WordPress Themes WordPress has Thousands of themes available for free. So, to install a theme. Go to the dashboard and under appearance, click Themes. Click add New theme Go to Popular And Choose any theme you like. Select it And You will see a preview of the theme. If you like it, click install and click activate. Lets see how it looks now.. Hmmm.. It looks good! You can customize the current theme by clicking, “Customize” under this menu Make the changes you want on the left. I’m going to change the background image to make it look more beautiful.

When you’re done! Just click ‘Save & Publish’. Now, lets have a look… Okay! So, here we’re done! I hope that this video helps you create your own website. Let me know your experience in doing this. And also post your doubts and queries in the comments section below. Thanks for watching this video! Babye!.

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