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Hey there, today I’ll show you how to properly add Google adsense to your WordPress site. Google adsense is an advertising network and allows you to show ads on your site. When visitors click on your ads you get paid. So first you need a Google adsense account. You can go to google.com/adsense to sign up like this. It can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks to get results. Once accepted into the program, just log into google adsense, click on my ads and create a new ad unit. You can name it anything, its for internal use only and you want to pick a size. They show you their recommended sizes to use and these are the best performing sizes for other sites. Then you want to pick an ad type keep the default text and display to maximize your earnings. The next is text ad style you want to use what will match your site colors for best results.

The custom channel, you can create this to track a particular ad size or a particular location on your site. this will help you track performance better on your site but it’s an optional feature. Backup ads, thats something that Google if they don’t have anything to show for an ad and you can choose what to show instead. By default, it’s just blank space, but you can add another url to show instead or a solid color.

once you’ve done all that click save and get code. now you want to copy this code to your notepad so we can use it on your site. Now, we’ll go to your site to configure things. The easiest way to add the code is to go to appearance–>widget and add a text widget to your sidebar. Then you can add the adsense code and click save. If you want more control and tracking, consider using OIO publisher or Adsanity plugins. When you first start using adsense, you’ll do a lot of tweaking in the beginning.

You’ll try an ad placement and check results after a few days, and then tweak again. To help speed up the process here are some best practices we recommend. For best adsense ad size, although each site is different, we’ve see that the best sizes are 336X280 and 300X260. They fit more screen sizes and have the best pay rate. For best adsense placement again each site can be different, but we’ve seen great results with ads within the post content and toward the top of the screen to do best. As a caution don’t add your adsense code to a floating widget because that’s against their terms of service and will get you banned. Also, don’t click on your ads to see if they are working and don’t ask your family and friends to click on them. Google is pretty good at knowing who is clicking on what and that can also get you banned. Finally just be patient and keep tweaking to get the best results for your site.

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