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In this video I’ll walk you through how to set up SMTP with your Google Apps. To get SMTP set up with your Google Apps you first want to set up an email in Google Apps for work and then there will be a few sites that you will need to access. One of them will be the Google Apps for work you’ll want your WordPress dashboard and your website cpanel so make sure you have access to those. So the next thing I want to talk about is why are we going over this? You could to set up smtp with your gmail account and that would be fine but if you’re running a business website tell me which one looks better. If you’re running a business website then you want something more reputable for email something like this versus a gmail account like that. So if you’re ready we’ll get started and we’ll walk through how to set up your email to work with Google Apps for work and then we’ll show, I’ll show you how to set it up on your website.

First thing we’ll do is you’ll want to go to the Google Apps for work and there’s a 30-day free trial here you’ll need to enter some information on the next screen it’ll ask you if you have your own domain or if you need to buy one. It’s only eight dollars a year and it include the automatic email setup. For a lot of you probably already have your own domain and actually that’s what we have so we’ll say we’re using our own domain. On this screen you’ll want to create your first email account and that will probably be the one that I just put in. Once you accept it all and fill in all the information then you can get started Alright once you’ve set everything up then you’ll see this screen where you can also add more people to your account.

If it’s just you then you’re already good to go. The other thing you’ll want to do is verify your domain and then we’ll set up the emails as well. Since it is just us we’re going to say we’ve already added all the email addresses that we want click next. Now we need to verify our domain and setup the email. The easiest way to do that is we’re going to add this meta tag to the header of our website so I need to copy all of this click copy and we’ll go to our WordPress dashboard want to go to plugins add new and we’re going to search for insert headers and footers. This just allows us to add code to our website easily. We’ll activate the plug-in after we install it. Once it’s installed and activated you want to go down to settings insert headers and footers and we can put that piece of code right there and we’ll click Save. Right now we need to go back and say that we’ve added the meta all right now that we’ve added the meta tag to our home page it’s telling us to go to the control panel for domain so we need to access the back end of our domain.

So I’m going to go to the back of my website and go to the cpanel I’ll tell Google that I have opened to the cpanel. Alright the next thing we need to do is we need to create new MX records for all the google apps on our cpanel area. We’ll go one by one and you want to make sure that you get the priority entered, the name host alias, and the value on the destination. So let’s go to the back end and so this is our cpanel I’m looking for mail and I’m looking for MX records. Select the domain that we’re working with. So I’m going to put in the destination and the priority and I’ll click Add record. Okay now that I’ve done that one you’ll want to do the same thing for the, for the next four or five items.

Alright now that we’ve entered all of those I need to go back to Google and say that we’ve created the MX records. It’s also saying to go ahead and delete any of the existing MX records so I’ll need to do that. And finally we need to save the records and the cpanel already does that so we’re good to go. So we’ve verified domain and we’ll set up email. Alright and then you should get a verified confirmation here so now we can click Next and then even though you have the trial they want you to go ahead and pick a plan. We’re going to choose the five dollars a month per person and I want you to set up your billing. So we’ll say that that’s what we want and we’ll continue. All right from here you’ll want to add your billing information, again they won’t charge until after the 30 days and you’ll want to decide if you want to pay monthly or if you want to pay all of it at once and then once you’re finished then we can walk you through how to set it up on your website.

Alright now that we have Google Apps for work set up we need to go back to our WordPress dashboard and we need to set up the smtp to work with our google apps. I’m gonna go to plugins add new and we’re gonna search for a plug-in called gmail smtp That will help us set it up and this is the one we want so I’ll click install now and then activate the plugin and you’ll see you get a message up here that you can’t do anything until you set it up so we’ll do that now. You can go to settings or if you ever need to access it again you also can go under settings in gmail smtp.

So we’ll click on settings and from here we need to create a new web application on the Google console so I’m going to open that in a new tab so we can do that. When you first go to the developers console you’ll want to accept and continue for your new account. I want to agree to their terms and conditions and click continue. You see down here it’s creating our first project. Now that our first projects been created we want to go to credentials. Under here under add credentials to your project we want to we’re going to use Gmail API and what its going to be calling is from a web browser javascript and we want to be accessing the user data.

And It’ll ask what credentials do I need and from here we can name it. We need to add our website under the authorized javascript origins the authorizer redirects. go back to your Google Dashboard and find this authorized redirect URI here and we’ll copy that because we need to paste that here. Alright and once you filled that out we’ve done this one we’ve done this one we can click create client ID.

Fom here we just want to use the email address that we set up and you can put product name or your website here, your website name here and click continue Alright now it says that we’ve set everything up and you can download that later we can just click done. Alright now you see a list of all the credentials that you’ve created this is the one that we’ve been working with so I want to click on that name because i’m looking for the client ID and the secret client secret as well. Go back to my dashboard copy the secret paste it there. Alright now on my dashboard I’m going to go ahead and fill out this information the OAuth, the OAuth email address is the one that we set up. You also want to enter that in the from address as well add the name, type of encryption we want, TLS for the smtp port we need to do 587 and we can click Save Changes.

Once we hit Save Changes we need to scroll all the way down and click grant permission. This allows both the website and Google to talk this is what people will see when they allow it. You see you get an access granted successful message so we’re good to go there. We also see that it’s connected and everything looks good to go and now you’ve successfully set up smtp with your Google Apps for work on your website. If you like this video click on the like button and go ahead and leave us a comment there we’d love to hear from you.

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