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Hey there, this is Arjun  In today’s video, I’m gonna show you how to install WordPress offline. So, why install wordpress offline? actually, there are a bunch of reasons. First one, you can always make changes and revisions to your website design. Second, you can test you website for errors, offline. And third, you don’t have to be connected to internet all the time. Now, Let’s see how to do it! FIrst step, download Wampserver. Now, open up your browser and in the address bar type www.wampserver.com/en.

It’ll take you directly to the wampserver’s official website.And when you download, make sure you get the appropriate version, here I’ve chosen the 32-bit version and also make sure that your computer meets all the requirements to run Wampserver. Now, click the download directly link. It’ll take you to Sourceforge. Normally, the download will start in 4 or 5 seconds, if it doesn’t, click direct link.Now, click save file.Now, Let’s Install! Click the Wampserver icon, it will load up the installation wizard, click next, next, choose your options, next and install. Installation will proceed automatically. If you are seeing a message like this, just click Allow Acces and finish. Now, let’s set up the database. Click the green icon below and go to PHPMyAdmin. It will load up in your browser. After it completed loading, go to database tab. And from there, just provide the name of your database. Make sure that your spellings are correct and click create button. Now, download WordPress. Goto wordpress.org and download wordpress. Make sure you get the latest version.

After you have downloaded WordPress, you have to follow the upcoming step, this is very important. That is extract WordPress files to the directory called www. Now, CLick the green icon, go to www directory, create a folder called wordpress and extract all the files you have downloaded to there and that’s it. Now it’s time to install WordPress. Click the green icon in the task bar and choose localhost. It will load up in your browser, so it may take a minute or two, so be patient. Okay, it’s all loaded, scroll down and select WordPress. Now, you’ll be taken directly to the wordpress installation procedure. Hit let’s go. And here, provide the database name that you’ve created earlier.

Make sure spellings are correct. In the username field type in root. R, double O, T, the default username is root. And in the password column, just let it empty, there are no password. If you have a password, don’t forget to type in. Click submit. Now you are all set. Just click run the install! Okay, here you have to provide the information about your site, like site title, username, password, email et cetera. Here, I’m just providing some random values. You can have any username you want and make sure your password is strong enough. Here, i’m just providing a random password which is very weak. Make sure yours is very strong and hard to break and provide your email. It could be any email, here I’m just providing a random one.

You can also choose whether your site should be listed in the search engine or not. You can discourage the search engine indexing your website. Now click install WordPress. And hey, this is yo;ur WordPress website! It’s all set and if you loved watching this video, don’t forget to like it and for further update, please subscribe..

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