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Hey guys, welcome  thanks for watching In this video, I’ll want to show you how to switch from Blogger to WordPress without losing search engine rankings. And with that I’m going to go step by step and show you how to do a few different things. I’ll walk you through the whole setting up a hosting account. We’re gonna use hosting account we’re going to use Bluehost for this BlueHost for this the next step that we’ll do is we’ll install WordPress on that new account.

Setting up hosting

And then we finally will migrate from Blogger to the new WordPress hosting account. So with that, let’s get started. BlueHost is one of the hosting providers that we recommend to our visitors, so I’m gonna walk you through how to set that up with them. Under products you can see many of the shared hosting or the WordPress hosting and you just want to compare which one is best for you. We also, if you look down below or somewhere on this page you will see a coupon that you can probably use to get started.

I’m going to redeem a code that I have as I walk through this. Great. So you’ll likely come to this and if you already have a domain name you can put that here. I’m gonna walk you through how to set it up with a brand new domain. And we’ll try and see if that one is available. How to start a WordPress site. And great, so then you have to enter all the information. All your account information here. You want to choose the package information here. Domain privacy protection, that’s just so people won’t see your email address associated with the domain if they go looking. Might be worth looking at or you can uncheck that. Then SiteLock security, something else to look at if you want to have that as a part of it. And then I’ll also need to fill out the billing information.

So while I do that I’m just going to go ahead and pause this until I get done with that. Okay, so I submitted my billing and credit card information and now that they’ve gotten my money here we are and it says congratulations. They likely have some initial or specials to offer you just say no thanks here. And now we need to create a password and we also want to confirm that you’ve read and agreed to their terms so let’s see if we can come up with a password.

You could also use the password generator. So I’m, going to come up with a password and then enter the password. So this is BlueHost and from here you can see a bit of the dashboard area. There’s some helpful resources for you on how to update your account, renew your account, update the billing and whatnot. You can also setup some Google adwords or bing, some SEO stuff. Here’s where you can set up your email for your website and down here we have things like how to set up different WordPress or say Weebly or whatnot. Then you have a file management system here and finally down here you have a few more things to look at where you can add more domains to your site or manage your information whatnot. We have everything through here so this is our service level.

Install wordpress on your server

have a shared plus that’s the demand that we started and it expired And we’ll start to get information on how to renew that. So now you’ve set up a hosting account with BlueHost and you’re ready to move on. And next we want to install WordPress. I’m gonna log into my BlueHost account and go to the back and I want to scroll down and here I want to find Install WordPress. I’m gonna click that and it should be fairly easy and straight forward or it should walk you through all the steps and I’ll show you how that’s done. Here if you already have a WordPress host you can import it here. We don’t so we’re just gonna take a look and we’re gonna install it. From here you want to decide where you want it installed and that’s where I want it installed. You can choose with or without the WWW you can do it in a subdirectory, say /blog if you want. I want it in the root of my domain.

So it’s just going to make sure that everything looks good to install on this server and everything should look fine. So here’s where you can set up the title of the site, the admin username, and the password and click install now. From here they are doing a little bit of upcharging so you can see if you want to get a premium from here I’m gonna kick off of that.

Selecting and installing theme

Because we don’t want a premium theme and this is giving you the progress of how it’s all going. As you can see there’s all these premium themes that you can choose from here. Okay, so the install is complete. View credentials, okay it says that it’s all finished you want to view this because this will show your link to your site a link to your admin area and things like that. So lets go to the admin area. And this is, you’ll want to bookmark this because this is how you’ll access your WordPress site anytime you need to.

It’s always your domain name, its always your domain name /wp-admin that’s how you can get to it. It will usually redirect to something crazy like that but that’s how you can get to it. And you’ll just need to remember your username and your password for Bluehost they set up your email as username and they give you a generated password so I’ll set that up so I can log in. Now if you want you can click remember me that way you don’t have to continue to log in. And now we’re on the dashboard page of our new site.

And If we want we can take a look at the front and see what our new website looks like. So this is it and it shows that I’m still logged in because of the tool bar for me. Great, so now let’s start getting it ready for the next step. Alright by now we’ve gotten a hosting account and we’ve installed WordPress so the final thing we need to do is we need to go ahead and migrate blogger. To do that just log into your, go to your Blogger site and log in. This is mine and you should go to the back end of it and from here we want to export our Blogger information. So we’re gonna go down to settings and go down to other. From here there’s some blogging tools that we need to deal with and what we want to do is hit the export blog. It’s telling you what kind of export format that it will be and, so we’ll just click download blog You want to save it to your desktop somewhere that you remember and that’s going to download for me down here. Great, now we can close this and the next thing we want to do is we need to go back to our newly created WordPress site so that we can import them.

Import blogger content in wordpress

We’re going to come back to my site I’m gonna go to my WordPress dashboard and I want to scroll down because I need to import it so I’m gonna go to tools, import and its gonna give me different platforms that I want to import. I’m going to import the Blogger one, so I’m going to click Blogger and we need to install the Blogger importer so I’m going to click this button down here. WordPress is gonna go ahead and install that for me, successfully installed, so now we want to activate and run the importer. While it does that I need to go and find that file that I just saved.

I think it was this one. And I want to upload file and import. It’s gonna go through if it’s a longer bigger XML file then that might take a little bit of time Mine has mostly text and so from here you can import the author from the bloger site, you can import it and assign it to a new user. Since there’s only me I’m going to assign it to that one you may have different, different authors that you want to assign it to feel free to do that. Then I’m going to click submit. So now going through the whole process and its importing all of those posts from my Blogger site. Okay so it says it’s all done. And remember to update the passwords and the roles of all the imported users. Again it was just me so we’re good to go.

Redirect vufrom blogger to wordpress

Alright so now let’s take a look at our site and I’m going to click go to my site, I’m going to click refresh and it should have all my new posts in here. And there it is, we have all of these excerpt posts from blogger, all of these others. And go down to the archives and we see these are all of the ones that I had in my blogger site, fantastic. Okay, so now we need to do some cleanup with Blogger there’s some things we have to do to the Blogger site to make sure that it redirects to our new website and we also need to add some code to this website to make sure that it handles the redirects appropriately. So the first thing I want to do is go back to my admin area and I need to go down to my Settings, Permalinks. We want to set up the structure to make it as close to the Blogger structure as possible and Blogger usually went by the date and the URL.

So we want to do the month and name so that it’s as close to the Blogger format as possible. So I’m going to pick that one you can see that this is kind of what it’s going to show. Then I’ll click my save changes and that’s good to go. Okay, now we need to set up some redirections like I said before so we’re gonna go back to our Blogger site and we’re under Settings, Other still what we want to do is go to template. This is the template that we have right now but we want to scroll down all the way to the bottom and we want to revert to classic templates If you can see here it’s a revert, yeah let’s do that.

Okay, so when I hit revert to classic then we get this area saying there might be some issues or there might be some changes that you won’t be able to make. That’s okay, what we want to do with this is we actually want to fill this out with some code that we have on our site. I’ll show you. And we want to fill it out with all of this. When I update all the examples with your actual, with your actual domain name leaving all the stuff after the question mark. So we want to fill all this out. I’m gonna do that. I’m gonna click here to copy all of this and I’m just going to highlight everything so I can copy it. I’m doing control C so I can copy all that’s highlighted, go back. Here I’m gonna do control A and then control V. V as in Victor or you can right-click as well and say paste. So we’re gonna do that I’m going through and I’m just pasting all the information and updating where it says example with my actual website and this is what you’ll want to do as well.

Anything after that / you wanna leave there And that should be everything so we’re going to save the template, great. So what I just did there is basically anytime if somebody happens to find my blogger website and if they click on any of the links then that’s going to redirect them to my site, here to this site to StartAWP site so I want to do that. The next step that we want to do to finish out the redirect is we want to add this bit of code to our functions php page on our WordPress website. So first off I’m in a copy this code control A tp select all and click copy. Normally if you have an FTP client you wanna do that what we’re going to do here as we’ll go I’ll show you how do also it from your Bluehost management.

Scroll down to find our file manager so I’m gonna click on that and it’s asking where do you wanna go we can start with there I’m going to show you some of that. So open up the file structure and these are all the files and folders that are on our WordPress website right now and I’m looking for the wp-content folder. I want to click on that and I want to go into the temes area and we are, this is our active on is 2015. If you change themes you’re gonna want do this for the other theme as well. So I’m looking for the functions php page and there it is so I’m going open it. So I’m going to highlight that, click code editor, and edit. And you see all this bit of code so what we want to do is scroll down to the bottom and I’m gonning to go to the last line and I’m gonna paste that information in there.

So we’ll do control V and just pasted it and just set it down to the bottom. And this is basically saying when you get a redirect this is how you want to handle it so we’re gonna do that and click save up here. Alright so now we should be able to, when we go to our blogger site, try it out. This is this is my Blogger site and I’m going to refresh it and what it should do is what it just did. If you noticed, when I clicked refresh it redirected to my WordPress website which is exactly what I want to do and then whenever I click on something like an excerpt, there it is.

Redirect any of your RSS subscribers

So now we have all the redirects working. Right one final thing we need to do is we want to go back to her Blogger site and we want to redirect any of your RSS subscribers. Okay, so to do that we’ll go back down to the settings area, and its already showing other since we were there earlier and, we want to do be post feed redirect. And we’re going to add that, so we want to direct them to our site /feed and then we’ll save our changes.

That way any of your RSS subscribers they’ll now be redirected to your site as well. So now everything is working you now are no longer attached to your Blogger site although you do want to keep it up because if there are any of your pages that are up in the Google search rankings we just set everything up to redirect so don’t delete the site leave it up and running. That way they’ll all be moved over once they click on your Blogger link to your actual website.

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