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How to Create a Wiki Knowledge Base Using WordPress

Welcome and thank you for watching. In today’s video, you’ll learn how to create a wiki knowledge base using WordPress. If you want to add support or documentation to your site, the the wiki knowledge base might be your best… Lees verder →

How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

Today you’ll learn how to create a WordPress child theme for your site. Learning how to create a child theme puts you more in control of your WordPress website. So when would you need to create a child theme? If… Lees verder →

How to Properly Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Site

Hey there, today I’ll show you how to properly add Google adsense to your WordPress site. Google adsense is an advertising network and allows you to show ads on your site. When visitors click on your ads you get paid…. Lees verder →

A Tutorial on Great WordPress Themes from Themeforest

Ok today I want to talk about what is an important part of setting up a website, particularly what I call a phase one website. A phase one website is a website that has the foundations set up, nothing fancy,… Lees verder →

Fast way too Create a Multilingual WordPress Site

An excellent method to obtain more traffic to your site is to make it multilingual and the best part is you do not have to setup a complex multi-site or have different WordPress installs to do it. There are two… Lees verder →

Add Google Analytics To Your WordPress Site

Today you will learn how to use Google analytics for your WordPress site. Knowing more about your audience gives you a better idea of what they like, how they interact with your site, where they come from and many more inidicators…. Lees verder →

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